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Loki’s broken in Age of Empires: Mythologies

So I like AoE a lot, and I got Age of Empires: Mythologies for the DS.  It’s fun!  But something occurred to me while playing.  You have three civilizations, Greeks, Egyptians, Norse, all with different styles.  Greeks are more versatile, and can have two heroes out once you’re far enough in the Ages.  The Egyptians are all about defensive play and their heroes can create buildings like the villagers can.  The Norse are aggressive little fuckers but you have to learn to master them; they don’t build farms and mines like the other two civilizations, they use ox carts.

You’re probably wondering why I mentioned Loki.  It’s pretty simple, really.  When you start a round of AoE:M, you can pick one of three main gods for each civilization, providing you with different research trees and minor god powers you can choose from when you age up.  The Norse have Odin, Thor, and Loki.  Odin’s God power is to declare a hunt that boosts the power of your heroes and human units, Thor can create a Dwarven Mine that provides you with gold without an ox on it.  Pretty normal stuff.  One of the minor Greek god options you get if you pick Zeus allows you access to a vault that provides some resources, one of the Egyptian ones from Isis lets you cockblock other god powers and boost up your myth units.  Cool stuff, but they usually have a time limit.

Loki’s god power?  Lets you spy on alltown centers, used or not, and one of his research options permits his units to see into forest tiles from another square away, making it easier to catch bastards.  Another one provides a discount on creating myth units, where the Norse are fucking terrifying.  On his minor god list?  Hel, whose god power summons Nidhogg, a huge fucking dragon, and offers research that boosts myth units even more.

So yeah.  While the Norse are pretty metal already, sort of can’t top the options for the god of trickery.