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(I'm pretty sure they just violated something by doing that stuff, by the way. If you have the ability, may I suggest you tell your disabled students office what the professor did?)


I have no doubt it is illegal. She kept me in her office for hours in the beggining of the semester. she keeps cornorring me and asking me rapid fire questions which flares up my disorders.

It is making me sick and utterly helpless every single day because I have not done any work since she did this to me last week. I have severe anxiety disorder and severe panic disorder. I also have mild ADD. This all started because she kept flaring me up and I asked her politely to stop b.c of my disorder. I lived in fear of giving her the paper work because I thought she would do this. Now in front of my senior seminar class, she belittled my disorder, talked about my missing work, asked me if it would take me a year to achieve anything, and spoke how all i proved was that I was disabled.

I feel like dropping out because no matter what. I have to take her class to graduate with my degree.

Breathe, in and out.  If noise helps, I suggest this noise generator site too.  Talk to your Disabled Students Office as soon as possible and address this, if you can!  For heaven’s sake, that is a pile of fucking bullshit.  See if your school has anything set up to help you report this stuff, since it can be very stressful to talk to people and decode paperwork.  See a counselor too, as soon as you’re able to.  Take steps to soothe yourself, and keep breathing.  Get assistance from the office if you are able to ask.

And so what it takes you a year to achieve something? As long as you do what you can with your ability.  And it’s okay if you can’t.  What isn’t okay is if other people get in your way, like she is doing.  Proving yourself disabled means she has to help you operate on the same level as everyone else. That professor can go bleep herself sideways.

And… if it makes you feel better, It took me a year to pass a specific quarter of organic chemistry, and another year to pass a specific biochemistry class I needed.  It has taken me seven years, but here I am, a very recent college graduate with a bachelor’s of science in microbiology.  It’s possible, and I wish you luck.


So my friend astrakiseki suggested that maybe I get some recordings from my friends to listen to while I’m in the hospital. I’m not sure how good the internet will be, so I don’t know how well it’ll take to tinychat or something, for vidchat with you guys, so maybe it’ll be a really awesome thing?

I think I’d really like that.

I’d like to have my friend’s voices with me, in case no one can make it in to visit me. 

Guys…can you just..record dumb shit for me to listen to while I’m in? I really like this idea.

I really don’t care what you record. Read a chapter from a book, sing a lullaby, rant, sing some random pop or musical song or just whatever you can come up with… I just want to listen to my friends and know you’re there for me. I’m going to be there for a week, and I’m afraid. 

I’m afraid of hospitals, I’m afraid of needles, I’m afraid of being alone with perfect strangers who have nothing in common with me. I’m pathetic and afraid and just going back and forth between being ok and wanting to sob my eyes out because I just can’t deal.

I’m not going in for a month, not till the sixteenth. I’m just going to make a file and have it just be there.

I have a google voice account that I can rip voicemails from, so if you can’t record to your computer I have that number.

I just don’t want to feel so alone. 

I don’t want to be alone.