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Travelstuck AU?

Maybe someone else can work with this.  I keep having this idea of a homestuck RP set where the characters are linked to travel, in some way. 

The original idea was John with a bright yellow Vespa and a blue helmet, zooming down the highway and taking joy with the wind all around him, with Dave jabbing him for not going for a vintage Vespa.  (“But this has a blue key!  :B”)  Though I confess, I’d move him south, such as San Diego, partly because I live there and partly because the weather is nice enough for riding a scooter year-around.  Mostly the second.

Rose’s mother is a jetsetter and often Rose is left at a boarding school, but during vacation since she has gotten older, she often goes with her mother to different places. A lot of commuting for her, I think.

Jade’s up north in Alaska/Canada/the Yukon, her grandfather involved in the oil business or something involving biology up there, and she wants to do the Iditarod so badly, but that’s years and years away.

Dave’s probably more involved with cars, somewhere in between Pimp My Ride and Top Gear.  Dirk doesn’t do robots here, he works with engines and cars maybe?  Limos and Ferraris and stuff.

I’d probably have the trolls as all human, and I have some ideas relating to them too…  Like Feferi being the daughter of a woman who runs a cruise liner and she grew up on it or something like Jessica Watson, sailing all over the world. 

Eridan’s dad is probably best as a wwhaler, so possibly either from the Faroe Islands or Japan, using the internet to chat with Feferi and helping her feel less alone.  I could see their positions switched, since Eridan wouldn’t be able to make a lot of friends on a boat either, but eh, this is just idle thinking.

Gamzee’s the most melancholy of the ideas to me.  I see him as a kid in a port city, a Navy brat with a dirty old goat of a father who doesn’t get much time to see his son.  He likes the grittier part of town and I’d see him most likely as the one talking about what comes though the ports, the amazing pictures of the underbelly, that sort of thing.  I know some people would want him as a circus kid, and this is another one of my biases showing; my dad’s Navy and while I don’t remember much of him traveling, I remember kids waiting at the docks for their mom or dad to come back to port.

Equius runs a ranch.  Hands down.  Cowboy, possibly friends with the Striders, though I’d see him more likely in Montana, as an excuse for being close to my idea for Nepeta.

Who, I think, is probably in Yellowstone National Park.  Nepeta’s the one I think does a lot of hiking and walking and running all over there and might have more of a wolfish (or bears) motif in this sort of setting.  Lives near Equius, might be the daughter of someone who runs an animal rehab center. 

Kanaya probably lives in the middle of a big city, like New York, Milan, or Paris, somewhere well-known in the fashion industry, her family running a hotel popular with that clientele. 

While I’d love to make Karkat have a bicycle (cue jokes), I think I want him as a surfer.  A cranky surfer who lives on Christmas Island.  That or a South Pacific island, or Hawaii.  Let him work with the locomotion of the ocean.

Tarvos’s bound to end up a wheelchair from the Running of the Bulls but he hasn’t yet!  /shot

I’d go into more detail about the others, but I’m not sure how to handle them. Aradia’s easy for family life (archeologist!) but where?  And how is it linked to travel?  Sollux, Terezi, and Vriska are headaches too.  The main things I wanted were an excuse for earth porn like glorious pictures of different landscapes and cities, and loving detail about transportation.

Does anyone even care about me babbling about this stuff, or should I just shut up?