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Travelstuck Continued

Lemon-jar helped with some ideas!

Vriska’s a sk8rgiiiiiiiirl, enjoying extreme sports and sometimes going out to board across town so she can avoid her mother.  Takes a lot of chances, and she knows a lot of shortcuts in her area.  Maybe in Portland, Oregon, since that is apparently a Skateboard Capital? I don’t know much about this stuff.

Aradia?  She’s up in South America, in the Andes.  Her parents are studying the Incas and their empire, and she likes to climb quite a lot.

Terezi…  Well, bicycles are about balance, so maybe that? Cue the jokes of what she is in this universe.  It’s also a possible extreme sport, if one wants her to come at odds with Vriska.  I know it’s weak. 

Sollux, I assume, is a homebody.  He is the admin of the forum everyone has met on, and likes dealing with GPS units.  Brings in computers and stuff, but I really can’t see him doing a lot of traveling unless it’s him watching and reading.

An adjustment for Tavros, when he isn’t risking himself running with the bulls, probably loves hot air ballooning. Fly, Pupa, fly~

Anyone have other ideas?