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 won my 20k kiriban, so I drew her character, Sacre Rostand! Missed the prize? No worries - Commissions are always open!

And he’s currently thankful that for once, he isn’t in frills and lace!  Probably is one of the days his boss is off on vacation and he’s just having a break.  :D


:iconastrakiseki: won my 20k kiriban, so I drew her character, Sacre Rostand!

Missed the prize? No worries - Commissions are always open!

And he’s currently thankful that for once, he isn’t in frills and lace!  Probably is one of the days his boss is off on vacation and he’s just having a break.  :D


Imagine your OTP in a prince and princess role, where the princely figure needs to rescue their princess from a dragon.

Could I just go and imagine Kaelyn rescuing William from a tower and then both of them rescuing Aren from a dragon he accidentally summoned?  Kaelyn would probably shoot an arrow with a rope attached so William can leave, then them traveling until they find Aren.

That’d be a cute AU, one with all of them as royals from other countries and dealing with politics, with Kaelyn from a small, forested realm and sent away by her father after a mistake injures her mother, probably very much sick of the affairs of court, and meeting a diplomatic William?  Aren’s probably a prince trying to study in secret or something…

… Hm. 

Travelstuck all together.

Compiling this again.  (I need a break from lands, I’m sorry.)

People’s ages here will vary.  Some of it is because I think it’d be more interesting, others are because of needing to justify things like Karkat’s education level, Terezi’s position.  I’d be totally fine with wiggling things into better forms, I was just throwing this all together so people can find it.

John rides a modern Vespa, bright yellow and affectionately dubbed Casey, and zooms across southern California, where he’s going to school.  The wind all around him helps him relax.  During the summer, he treks up to Washington to see his family, but sometimes Nanna will scoot down to see him.

Rose’s mother is a jetsetter, leaving Rose at a boarding school, but as she has gotten older, Roxy has dragged Rose on vacation with her.  There’s a lot of commuting, and they don’t always get to sit together on the planes due to how often Roxy decides Rose is coming at the last minute.

Jade’s up north in Alaska/Canada, with her grandpa Jake involved in a field study up there.  She breeds dogs and is hoping to do the Iditarod at some point with her dogs Bec and Jack.

Dave’s into cars, as so is Dirk.  Think Pimp My Ride and Top Gear having a baby, with an overdose of irony and that’s probably what the Striders are doing.  Dirk does pizza delivery for a part time job.

Feferi’s mother runs a cruise liner, and Feferi grew up on one of those cruisers.  People there sort of consider her the princess and after all, she is probably the heiress…

Eridan’s dad is a retired wwhaler from Japan, who bears two very obvious scars on his face.  Still, he is one of Feferi’s mother’s business partners now.  Eridan (well, that’s his net handle) himself is a bit of an otaku and is friendly with Feferi over the internet.

Gamzee’s the most melancholy of the ideas to me.  I see him as a kid in a port city, a Navy brat with a dirty old goat of a father who doesn’t get much time to see his son.  He likes the grittier part of town and he is most likely as the one talking about what comes though the ports, the amazing pictures of the underbelly, that sort of thing. 

Equius runs a ranch.  Hands down.  Cowboy, possibly friends with the Striders, though I’d see him more likely in Montana, as an excuse for being close to my idea for Nepeta.

Vriska is a sk8rgiiiiiiiirl~  It’s mostly so she can escape her demanding mother, and she lives in Portland, Oregon.

Kanaya’s in Paris, Milan, New York, somewhere well-known in the fashion industry, hoping she can get into it.   Her mother runs a hotel that’s very popular with that sort of clientele.

Terezi’s a hang-gliding instructor, who trusts the feel of the wind to know how to fly.  It doesn’t stop people from being terrified of her and for her.

Nepeta’s a little different than you’d expect.  Her locomotion is on foot, sure, and she lives near Yellowstone, daughter of a park ranger.  She absolutely loves her mother’s job and intends to follow in her footsteps.

Karkat?  He’s a medical student in this universe, and of all things he could be?  He’s a crabby, part-Chinese Australian surfer from Christmas Island.  You can probably figure out why.  Him and John are the two main inspirations for this whole AU period, which is why I made the excuse of Karkat being in San Diego at the oncology center there, since there’s pretty good surf there as well.

Sollux’s a commercial bee keeper, trucking his hives across the USA.  Beep, beep, motherfucker.  Don’t ask me why, I just find the idea of him with an Optimus Prime like truck and red-and-blue shades to be hilarious.

Tavros, when he isn’t involved in some extremely stupid acts like the Running of the Bulls, likes hot-air ballooning.  (Fly, Pupa, flyyyyyyyy!)

Last but not least, Aradia’s a bit of a climber.  She’s with her parents in the Andes a lot, with them studying ruins, but her budding passion for rock-climbing might drive her other places.

More Travelstuck crap!

The reason why this whole idea came up in my head was pretty simple.  John, on his bright yellow Vespa, offering a helmet to Karkat to go for a ride.

But how to explain them meeting?  Well…

So, I said it before, the idea of John living in San Diego, since the weather there is almost always fantastic for riding.  It’s also pretty decent for surfing and has a cancer center…  So an Australian Karkat studying to be an oncologist and at the same school as John couldwork.

Maybe I’ll write it.  But that’s for spring break.