neutral with a side of tits

Well, that’s an adorable discovery.  So, my Spring Wizened has a significant other, a gentleman Mastigos who serves the Guardian of the Veil.  He’s pretty happy with the guy, even though he is having a hard time wrapping his head around the guy’s arcane abilities at times.  Mind-reading and thinking with portals, and the dork has a harder time understanding the man can teleport to across the globe, with him.  Go figure.

Anyway, Sereno has other friends, naturally.  One of them is an absurdly attractive vampiress who Sereno dances with and has slept with once, before Ulciscor and Sereno dated.  Sereno mentioned this in passing and Ulciscor commented that she was indeed very pretty, no more, no less, without knowing Sereno had turned her down for a second round after mage and changeling got together.

Recently, Sereno was invited to hang out at her house and go swimming, so he got worried and asked if Ulciscor was fine with it, which he was.  Then he asked if Ulciscor was okay with the risk of being seduced, and found out three things.  One, the man would prefer Sereno not to end up screwed, and two, he has complete faith in the Wizened’s ability to resist a woman who is basically a living sex goddess, and three, if he felt if he was faltering, Ulciscor was just a thought away.

Cue Sereno teasing him that Mr. Low-key-and-Calm actually was possessive, what a surprise!  Then shut up as the nice little mental images came tap-dancing in and Ulciscor was treated to seeing Sereno bury his face into his arms and basically steam with thoughts.