neutral with a side of tits



what if trolls could climb walls like insects

like maybe when karkat gets really upset he just crawls up to some corner of the ceiling and stays there and makes ugly cicada sounds until he feels better 

did someone draw this already or

Good thing John can fly up and cuddle him.

Or goose him, making him lose his grip and fall on the floor with a screech.


… I want to do a Johnkat revival project but I don’t think I could commit to anything that big and expect to be responsible with it.

It just feels like there is so little Johnkat now compared to the past, and I miss it. ;~;

If it makes you feel better, um, I’ve been trying to work up the nerve to write something that’s John and human Karkat on a yellow scooter… ._.  Just after exams and papers are done and I have time.

*hides under a blanket*