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More Travelstuck

Thanks to Kilehye’s livestream, some ideas came up.

Terezi is a hang-gliding instructor, god help us all.  And possibly still blind.  She’s damn good, but people are terrified.

And if we’re going for fantasy elements, well… Gamzee’s dad is a battleship. Literally.  If not, he just pretends his dad is the ship.

As for Sollux… this is best summarized by the log.

AstraKiseki: Sollux’s still on the ‘admin for a website and dealing with GPSes, but…
AstraKiseki: If Tezeri’s hang-gliding, maybe he’s the bicycle.
Evei: Bee keeper
bonerstuck: two pad ddr master
AstraKiseki: Evei, trying to keep with the travel stuff.
Evei: Sorry, I just think of bees every time he pops up.
AstraKiseki: Heheh.
Evei: Haha
jabberwockyx: I dunno, the only travel-related thing I could see him do him would be, like, flying business class to foreign countries to work on technology stuff
Evei: Yeah
jabberwockyx: …him do him. i can english good.
catsSchrodinger: xD
Evei: Yeah, I can’t really think of anything else
AstraKiseki: Dammit internet.
AstraKiseki: Honestly, I’ll probably keep him with working with GPSs.
bonerstuck: wait
bonerstuck: There exist commercial beekeepers
bonerstuck: Who go around the country with truckloads of beehives
AstraKiseki: …
AstraKiseki: Trucker.
bonerstuck: To help pollinate crops
jabberwockyx: jfdkljslkfs;fsd trucker sollux ahahaha
AstraKiseki: ***.  Yes.

Best trucker ever.  Beep beep motherfucker.