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Land of Gold and Sunlight, Heir of Shine

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Land of Gold and Sunlight - If the LOGAS was in its true state, only the Heir of Shine and their meerkat consorts would be able to view the glittering Land without shades to protect their eyes.  While the land is not completely made of what the consorts call aurum, flakes shimmer in the dirt and rocks, the wheat practically shines with it, even many of the animals possess it in their claws and scales, and in general, the place looks like it could destabilize Earth’s gold market about fifty times without breaking a sweat.  Sadly, the Denizen has wrecked their shit and covered much of the place in mud and grime, all in an attempt to hide the precious, legendary orichalcum that the Heir can use to make weapons and armor potent enough to fight the Denizen.  What’s worse is that the eternal sunlight here has baked most of the mud into a hard shell, making the quest a game of finding better weapons or just being damn lucky with the ability to find what ‘shines’ to seek out a way to mine the gold.